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Recent additions to the JazzWest Calendar:
20150328: Terrence Brewer Trio at Café Claude (7:30 pm)
20150327: Lincoln Adler with Kurt Ribak at Cliff House (7:00 pm)
20150402: Macy Blackman & The Mighty Fines at Ashkenaz (9:00 pm)
20150512: Denise Perrier w/ Mike Greensill; piano/Greg Gotelli Quartet at Castagnola's (8:00 pm)
20150501: Denise Perrier at Pier 23 Restaurant & Bar (8:00 pm)
20150409: Tammy Hall w guest Denise Perrier at SFJAZZ Center (8:00 pm)
20150402: Densie Perrrier at Le Colonial (7:00 pm)
20150430: Roberta Donnay & the Prohibition Mob Band at Angelica's (7:30 pm)
20150328: Idiot Fish at Art Boutiki (7:30 pm)
20150403: Massanari & Atwal Trio at Coso Studio (8:00 pm)

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